Heroes of the Mustache

Mustache Role Call!
by carlmarksguy – 07/24/11 10:42PM –
Heroes of the Mustache! I, Storm Darkmustache, have assembled you for CHARACTER ROLE CALL!
Gruffbeard Jenar'ic at your service. I'm the prerrrequisite dwarf. As such, I be havin' a beard and an axe!
I, Hannah Barbarian, have traveled far with my sword, Pointyblade, to find treasure and worthy opponents!
My name is Grant Sneakydagger! I do x2 damage when backstabbing, and have percentage-based skills!
Amongst elves I am known as Fluwin Arrowfirer. My many skills include: +1 to archery, and pointy ears!
Noshu Missileweapontoe's the name: I am a five-eighthling, as my human grandfather married into a halfling family.
I am Scorpius Scrollreader, and well-versed with invoking the dark power of the eldritch occult; it's great fun!
And I am Silversky P'tu'eh, powerful and pure shamaness of my tribe, called to a greater destiny, etc, etc!
Alright, Heroes of the Mustache: PREPARE TO ENTER TAK XSAROTH!

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