Heroes of the Mustache

Just call him Bilbo Baggage!
by carlmarksguy – 01/1/12 05:37PM –
Why won't you tell me if you found arrows!?
YOU lost YOUR opportunity to find "Eros" when you spurned my advances!
You mean when you offered to begin a 50-year period of Elvin Courtship, where you would glance at me and sigh?
Yes. Oh, did you miss out!
My life expectancy is only about 138.75 years, I can't afford to wait for over a third of my life!
I thought halflings lived an average of 150 years...
Yeah, but I'm 1/8th human!
I think I'd make a very fashionable widower.
Ok, I give up; can we just go back to finding some new trousers for the dwarf or a meatloaf or something?

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